Gatorade Sweat


Inspired by the '80s anime Captain Tsubasa / Super Campeones, we enthusiastically accepted the challenge of directing this short which loosely chronicles  Mexico's star footballer, Chucky Lozano's rise from gifted child to international star athlete.

Agency Tonic DNA
Studio Wonderlust
Producer Mariana Duran
Creative Direction Ryan Rumbolt
Associate Creative Director / Animation Lead Julian Fumagalli
Storyboard Mehdi Aouichaoui
Character Design Delfina Perez Adan, Julian Fumagalli
Background Design Claudio Araos, Christine Le, Tom Goyen
Animation  Diego Polieri, Julian Fumagalli, Florian Perron, Patricio Plaza, Juan Pontaroli, Leandro Vargas
Clean Up  Peralta Adrian Eduardo, Richard Plata, Francisco Luque, Guilherme Gurian, Una de Gallo, Jose Moreno, Juan Pontaroli, Julian Fumagalli
Compositing  Ryan Rumbolt, Alex Gomez
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